● Sunscreen
If you don't want your skin to lose 2 tones after just one day of going out, sunscreen is a must-have item in your bag to protect your skin. Remember to reapply regularly for the best effect under the blazing sun of Da Nang.

● The right outfit
Long flowing maxi dresses or colorful suits are perfect for the perfect photos in this blue-and-white beach city.

● Phone, camera
A camera "show" is a necessary and sufficient condition to take really sharp photos, isn't it?

????Most importantly, a friend who has a heart to go with, the photographer is the decisive factor for creating beautiful shimmering frames and many likes.

✨And don't forget to choose ???????????? ???????????????????? as your relaxing stop after a long day of experiences.
✨Top 4 must-have items when visiting Da Nang

● Sunscreen
Sunscreen is always a must if you don't want to get sunburnt or uneven skin tone after a long day of exploration. Reapply every few hours to maintain protection under the scorching sun of Da Nang.

● Stylish travel outfits
Maxi dresses or colorful outfits are ideal for photos in this white sand, dreamy blue water seaside city.

● Camera
There's no doubt that a key to producing magazine-like images is having a high-quality camera right?

????Most importantly, bring along that bestie with an eye for detail who is capable of taking instagram-worthy photos!

✨And don't forget to choose ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? as your final destination to relax after a day full of adventures.

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